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I said Goddamn!
18-arvizu asked: Hello. My name is Adrian Arvizu. I wanted to leave you a comment and tell you that your work is down right outstanding, except for the Laker colors on Lebron; maybe that's just irony but Lebron ain't cut out for LA. He's a bitch. Anyways, I think your work is great. It reminds me of Tim Sale, and you can be better. Those baseball ones and the Superman one are badass. You should be huge! I hope in the coming years, I see your name rising amongst the illustrators of the world. Good luck.

Hey Adrian, thanks so much for kind words. I’m glad you like my stuff, although I’m not even worthy to stand in Tim Sale’s shadow, let alone be mentioned in the same sentence as him. But I appreciate the sentiment just the same. Thanks again for looking.

And Lebron is a little bitch isn’t he? But I can dream…

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